This character looks a little like Jenny McCarthy


A guest comic from Joseph Faill, with whom I have also exchanged the occasional wary glance on Twitter. I have yet to see this guy make a bad comic, so be sure to check him out!

His Stuff: twitter | tumblr | Art eBook

I have enjoyed our very small, awkward conversations on twitter, owlturdcomix. Thank you for the kind words and for posting this comic!

Whoa! Someone tagged my Scarecrow comic under the Comics tag. I was wondering why so many people started following me out of nowhere.

Here’s some Gem Monsters for you.

Here’s some Gem Monsters for you.

Anonymous asked: make a comic about how stupid 'Baby on board' stickers are. As if I wouldn't purposely slam into you because you might have an infant in the back seat.


drama and snake-friendship.

I was gonna make like a 2 page comic just for fun and then it ended up with 6 pages, woops

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